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Help your neighbour to do something

How to help your neighbour is very simple. If you really want to help your neighbour all you need to do is just try and offer your best. Your best in whatever you are good at is the best way to help your neighbours. many people think they have nothing to offer to help their neighbors but that is absolutely not correct.

Every human being has one talent and he can use that talent to help your neighbours. If your neighbours ask you for bread in the night or if your neighbour do not have enough salt and he has already put his food on the fire and the day is sunday when shops are closed. He could ask you for salt and you could give him. If you do this you help your neighbours. How to help your neighbour should not be a difficult task. It should be easy for you to help your neighbours.

Have you been asked by your neighbour for a ride? We know about bla bla cars and we know about mitfahrgelegenheit all these are put in place so that drivers could be able to help their neighbours to move from one place to the other and to travel long distances without having to pay too much money. If you want to travel from a city to another city or from one country to the other you may not have enough money. If you stand on the road and wave down passing cars you may get help or you may not. But if you go to one of the websites of those cars you may get help.

You may also try to help your neighbour by asking him if he is fine. If he s not fine he would tell you and you may ask him, can i help you do something?

If you are living in the camp and you need someone to help you the best thing you need to do is to engage in activities like sport. Go out there and meet young people who play foot ball.

Many people are looking for help for money on the internet. Some criminals hide behind this to get at innocent people. they would promise they could give you help with money but if you are not watching well you would end up losing your money to them.

To say that you are too low or too poor to offer help to another person simply means you are selfish, you think only about yourself getting help. How could someone say because he is a jungler(refugees living in jungle) he is not in any position to help the people he is living with.

don’t you send money home to your mother and your father and your brothers and your sisters and your wives and your children and the childen of your brothers and sisters.

Let us grow up.

Many people are taking political risks to welcome the refugees, the refugees also should show some little of concern not just to sit down like beggers, running to the social office every month and smiling to the money transfer office.



Help with money is what immigrants families expect

Help with money is beneficial to the families of immigrants. Many of whom have waited for a very long time expecting their loved ones that managed to escape the poverty in Africa to Europe.
Help with money whenever you can. Help your family with money so they could be able to buy food and whatever they need to keep soul and body together.
Many family and friends of immigrants depend much on them when it comes to help with money. Record has it that African immigrants send a lot of money to Africa each year just because their families need help with money. Nothing is moving on very well in many African countries. The few people that have money refuse to help with money whenever the poor people asked them for help. This is one of the reasons why the family of immigrants always look up to the immigrants in German for help with money. Many of the refugees that have no residence permit and no working permit find it difficult to help with money whenever their families call on them to help with money. Some of them though have device a very difficult way of helping their family with money from the little amount of money they get every month as pocket money from the government. But some of the families back home fail to understand the trouble most of their kinsmen go through to be abl to get the money they send to them. Some still believe that there is a lot of money flowing like stream on the street of Germany. Do not try to tell them that it is not true because even your mother would never beleive you if you tell her you have no money to send.


Stories of African immigrants that help family with money are almost the same. All Immigrants work very hard, some work more than ten hours in a day, not because of what they are going to eat of wear but because they must send money home to their families that look up to them for help with money.

But it is also very sad that as most African immigrants are over working themselves simply because they want to help family with money, some of the families of immigrants do not spend the money sent to them wisely.

Every body knows the fact that wasting of money through old cultural addiction is one of the ways money get out of many African illiterates.

Lack of education and urge for blind competition also contribute in so many ways to wasting of money among the families of immigrants. There are stories of many African immigrants that have spend all their years in Europe to work only to serve their families at home but end up having nothing whenever they return home.

One of the painful fact is that the some family members do not know how difficult it is for migrants to get some of the money they send to the family at home. In most cases family insolt their boys and girls in Europe for not sending enough money to help

Help with money is good when you work and get the money to send to your family. Many think that it is easy to get the money. They do not know that most of the people that get too much money and go bck home to throw parties and spend money anyhow may  be doing bad business.

Help with money and help your family if you can. It is easy this day to send money to your family without too much effort.

There are many easy ways to send money to your family and help with money.