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Send luggage meet travellers

Send luggage meet travellers. You can also send items through tavellers if you are not able to travel.

It is great to see that many other People are joining the list of travellers that are helping others to bring valuable items from one part of the world to the others.

This is helping the People that Need those useful items get them very fast. It also reduce the number of waste that People throw away daily.

If you are able to help a refugee in your area to bring item to his Family at home, you are making new real friends. These new People you meet are not going to Forget you. They would not Forget your Name.

You have now added to your real friends. there are many ghost friends but those that you are able to meet face to face are among your new real friends.

taking items from one City to the other for People while you travel is good and make fun. You are able to know more places of interest in your destinations.

If you are a traveller and you want to know better of yopur new Location, the best is to connect with the locals. the best way you could do that is bring them something from your home.

Help others to send luggage meet travellers.

The best way you could do this is to make sure you inspect what you accept to deliver. find out if it is safe for your trip. Make suure the Immigration and customs will allow you to go in with the items.

Do not accept bad items and dangerous items from People you do not know.

It is good to help people  solve their problems by doing so you make them happy and they would never forget your help.