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Selling Africa, More Lands Grabbed

Rich people with plenty of money are buying up the lands in Africa. More refugees are running away from Africa. Some of them did not forget to sell their fathers land before they fled. You say, “and so what?” And i know that next time if you wake up and all the fertile lands are in the hands of the Chinese you start to grumble and say, “look the Chinese stole our lands.”
Whatnext if all the remaining lands of Africa are sold? what next?

Do you know a friend of yours selling Africa lands? If you have no friends atht has sold his land or his father’s land you may know a neigbour who sold his farm. The neighbour might have sold the farm to raise money for his son to travel abroad.

This is not strange. Africa has plenty of fertile lands. There are no machines to work the farm and produce plenty of food. People are hungry. Criminal gangs like Boko haram are killing farmers. What next? The farmwers are abandoning their farms. They move away from the villages. they settle in the cities. Just to struggle to survive.

Poverty is the major cause of land selling. If you are hungry and you are afraid to go to the farm because boko haram is killing farmers what would you eat? You may be tempted to sell your fahters land only to use the money to buy imported food.

What if all the lands are sold?

This is a question i want to ptetend that it never exist.

If all lands in Africa are sold? Who is selling Africa?

Young people are no longer willing to go and bend their backs in the fams using the traditional methods of tilling the lands.

It is not easy. It makes people grow old fast. It causes pains. The farmers get nothing for all the efforts they invested in farming. They were able to feed their families. that is ok. But are they able to pay for medical bills? no, it is not possible for the farmers to pay for medical bills because they have no provit from the farms.

Most of the products they harvested got rotten because they have no means of preserving them.

To discourage the selling of African lands, farming should be made lucratives. Let the youth create interest in farming. How do you make the youths create interest in farming?

This is a dream that may take years to come true. The youths to start working the farm with hoes and cutlasses like it was done the time your papa was stull attending standard one school?

If you ask them why they have still not able to provide electricity for their people they would answer you, “It takes time for those things to be fixed.” The fact is they know nothing about good governance. They feel proud to admit it.

They are systematically selling the lands to the Chinese. Now, ladies and gentlemen. Tell me whatsnext.