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Poverty problems not only in Africa

Poverty problems is not restricted to African countries alone. There are poverty problems in many other countries of the world as well.

War and domestic violences are the root causes of problem in many parts of the word too. We have seen recently how many people in the middle east because of selfishness destroyed civilization that took mamy years to build.

Who has not heard about the war in Syria. Who has not heard about the terror group called isis?

What the Syrian people are witnessing now is great problem. Syria was not among the poor countries of the world but this terrible violence has just piled Syria to become of of the countries that begs for food.

Those that rae responsible for plunging Syria into this terrible war may or may never know the implication of what they are doing.

How could some group of people just be proud to destroy civilization?

ISIS and Boko haram are just same evil.

Tha other time the eveil leader of Bh was saying he is now a servant to the evil of Bagdad. what arrant nonsense? How could these stupid people be making live misrable for innocent people and they are still feeling proud about it?

Whatever their aim and whatever their mission, these evel men are causes of poverty and they need to be stopped.

It is also very sad that some people are supporting evil killers by buying oil from ISIS when they know that they are using the money they collect from the illegal sales of oil to buy weapons.

Who are the people supplying weapons to BH in Nigeria. It is a fact that that stupid idiot man could not even be able to know where to buy blade talkless of buying weapons. How could the civiliced world open their eyes and watch why evil people kill innocent civiliants?