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Kenyans truly lazy another wrong opinion?

Are Kenyans truly lazy? I am asking because i have read it at a post on the internet. Before you start to insult me like a drunkard who is just taking the last bottle, open your eyes and read the article written by the writer. I am just trying to put in my personal experience inside the camp where i have lived for many years.

My observation about my friends: He never likes to drink water. He drinks only whatever is inside coloured bottles. name them. If he is asleep and a bottle, coloured one is beside his bed, he grabs it even without looking at whatever is inside the bottle. He swallows it.

I asked my friend one day. “Can we go and look for work?” He answered, “what work?”

I replied him, “cleaning job is easy to find.” His reply. “You want to start to clean floor and clean the toilets?”

I see nothing bad in cleaning the toilets and cleaning the floor to get money. What about the “Cleaning Tigers?” They get more money than you think.

I tried to explain to my friend that sleeping and drinking the whole days and nights would never help him he told me to have a sit.

I sat. I thought about it again. “Are Kenyans truly lazy?”

He began to lecture me, “do you come here to Germany to come and be a cleaner? Didn’t you attend school in your fucking country before you ran away? Why on this heart it is only cleaning job you could think of with your head? Look, if it is only cleaning job that remains in this city, i am not going to do it.” He took his bottle again and began to drink. Before he put it on the floor, his two friends entered the room. “look at this man from Burundi or whatever country he comes from,” he pointed at me and continued, ” he wants me to go and look for cleaning job. Why must i look for cleaning job? If you go find this job, the highest you got paid is €800 in a month. Just think about it. You work and get €800, from there you pay house rent of about €450. What do you have left? You buy your train ticket. What do you have left. You pay for telephone. what do you have left? You buy jacket, clothes and shoes you have nothing left.

If you sit in the camp and you don’t even go to work you get better money to eat and drink. If you go clean, you come you are tired, can you even use your mouth to talk and drink?” Kenyans truly lazy

I do not say all Kenyans are lazy. I know many Kenyan women that are very hard working. My friend is one of them she is very hard working. But maybe the boy who happend to be my room mate is the only Kenyan man that is lazy. But the article i read told me something different.