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Pay Social, Nigeria Pays Social

Pay social money to your cirticens. Nigeria is to begin the payment of social benefit to those that are not working.

This a welcome news that Nigeria wants to start to pay social money to the citicens who have jo jobs to do. The payment of the social money would help the jobless to get money to buy food and eat.

This is a great development coming out of Nigeria. The Nigeria new government has shown that it is possible for Africa ´to share the scarce resources we have instead for some criminals to keep all the resources to themselves.

If a single senator is collecting 8.5 million  as salary when millions of people are hungry and begging for food. What kind of society do we have when a country like Nigeria will a lot of oil can not afford to feed her citicens. Now the present government has shown a good example which not only Nigeria should emulate but which other countries in Africa must follow.

This action of paying social money in Nigeria will trigger peoples revolution in Africa. many people would start to ask their legistlators to cut salary and divide the rest among the poor people to feed them. What kind of work are those big belly legistlators doing that other people can not do?

They make laws? And so what? Is it not just to talk and talk and make some arguments. Any one can do that work too. Why must they say they want to collect all the money when there is no money to pay teachers salaries?

Nigeria pay social now and all eyes would be on other countries. Now that Nigeria pays social money, what are the migrants in the diaspora doing to assist Nigeria government? You big big burgers should not just be making noise. Stand up and do something to help. You can also send items through travllers to your friends. By doing this you are helping them not to depend too much on the government.