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The traveller kept me waiting.

The traveller kept me waiting.

The traveller that my father sent to me from Hamburg Germany on the 11.06.2016 kept me waiting endless at the Kotoka Airport in Ghana.

It was a very bitter experience for me and i want others to learn from this terrible mistake.

It was an envelope containing inportant documents my father sent this traveller to give me.

The traveller kept me waiting for the whole night.

My father gave me the telephone number of this traveller. he travelled with KLM from Hamburg Germany. My father met him at the Airport. Showed him the envelope opened it and gave it to him. First he put this envelope inside hid bag. According to my father, the man later removed the envelope from his bag and put it inside the Shopping Hand bag.

The flight left Hamburg Airport at 12.35 headed to Amsterdam where the traveller joined the main aircraft to Ghana.

His Name and his photo was sent to me by whattsapp. I wrote the Name in capital letter and Held it in my Hand.

I was at the Ghana Kotoka Airport waiting for this man before the plane arrived.

I sat there at the Airport Held the Name i wrote in capital letters in my both Hand. I watched the travellers came out of the Airport one after the other. I checked the photo of the traveller sent to me by my fahter and i looked carefully at all the travellers coming out.

I could not see this traveller.

At 22.00 Ghana time i called my father and told him the traveller did not Show up. He went to check the flight tracker. to make sure the frlight was not cancilled.

He called me later to inform me that the flight did arrived Ghana and there was no known issue.

I waited again to see if he would come out later, thinking that maybe he was having issue relating to late Arrival of luggage or luggage Clearing delay.

I decided to go home but then the time was now when it was 24.00hr. Then it was a late decision as i was now stranded. The taxi charges was high and i had no Money to pay for such.

I called a friend who came to pick me.

In the morning the traveller called me and told me to call him later. I called him and he told me to come and meet him and collect the envelope my father sent him to give me.

It was a horrible Long night but i did not go for the envelope alone, that would be a stupid risk after he had overlooked me at the Airport.

At least i got my envelope but maybe you could learn one or two from my experience.