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Deported after 17 years in Germany

Deported after 17 years in Germany.

Some of the junglers people(this is now the popular slang for refugees who are staying permanently in the refugee camps) think that because they are old junglers they can never be deported. This is  a big lie. deportation after 17 years did take place in Germany and a man was deportaed back to romania

If deportation after 17 years could happen to a Romania who says it can not happen to another person from another country?

Some people have relaxed very well eating and drinking every day and every night never think that deportation after 17 years could ever happen. Now it has happened to a man from Romania and this could happen to any other person. even this man is not a junggler, he is a normal person with residence permit. But why is he not ready to use the residence permit and the working permit they have given to him to work?

It is not just easy to understand some people and how they behave  when it comes to question of residence permit. Some just want every thing to come autoamtic,they are not ready to put any effort. Sleeping and eating and drinking is too good for them and at the end of the month they just walk few meteres and their monthly allowance is in their hands.

But those that really  have no other way to remain in the country should beetter find partners to get married to them. This is not a taboo like my friend said when he arrived newly from Chad eight years ago. He refused to drink which was very good. He refused to go to disco which i found no so good. He refused to learn the language which i found stupid of him. He was crying day and night about his wife they have reserved for him. The day we had party and some young ladies attended he said “haram” whenever someone danced with them. Now he is the expert in hunting even after he has gotten two big boys as children from pretty lady he met at a disco in Berlin. You should go to the internet if you are afraid of talking with women on the street or at discos.

SOme of the junglers like to boast inside their rooms just for nothing.

It is also very interesting to read what an author wrote about how junglers look for women like they are searching for gold.

Those who are locky and not arrogant may find some to help them escape deportation.