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Fake American Embassy Ghana overthrew Nigeria

Fake American Embassy in Ghana. Ghana overthrew Nigeria in the field of international crimes. I really wonder why so many Nigerians are flocking to Ghana in their thousands. First i was thinking in the same direction with my friend. My friend once said, “Nigerian men like Ghana women too much.”

But now it is clear that these Nigerian men are not going to Ghana for women, they are going to Ghana to go and visit the Fake American embassy in Ghana.

But how on earth is it possible for the Ghanains to operate Fake American Embassy in Ghana for decades without getting cought by the police?

Ghanaians police are infected like their neighbours. Many of them are pregnant with “fufu” and “Kenke.”

To say the fact, they are far better than those useless armed robbers you called police in another country. If you like mention the name of that country. I have not mentioned their name here. If you like go ahead and say it.

They would torture you to death. Eh? You heard what i said. I am not here to gossip i am here to tell you what you need to know. If you like listen before they torture you to death.

Some  of these policemen are just incompetent and they are still allowed to carry guns.

How? Why must they torture a person to death? For what? Simply because they do not believe in the rule of law. They think if they drag this suspect to court the court may not take enough action.

Guys from Ghana, i salute you. You have just overthrew Nigerian yahoo yahoo boys.

Now you operate the embassy of the most powerful country on earth under the leadership of our dear brother.

Eh! I fear these guys. Operating a fake US embassy in Ghana?

Now those of you that think that these guys are not talented; what do you call that one? Satanic talent?  Yes that is exactly what it is.

Ghana we hail thee!

Chei! First, i told my neighbour who is a fanatic Ghanaian, he shouted, ” no, never, that kind of thing can never happen in Ghana.” I told him, “Boy, relax, swallow you fufu then come and read this news.” At least i did not have a newspaper of my own.

He read it and said. “Oh my God, see what these Nigerian boys have brought to Ghana.”

But take your time to read the article very well. The Ambassador of the fake US embassy in Ghana is a Ghanaian.