Jammeh tiny gambia jokes of Ecowas

Jammeh, tiny Gambia and the jokes of Ecowas.
Ecowas has no capability to attack Gambia. Stop this propaganda!
The timing is both wrong and bad.
Nigeria, the super power of ECOWAS is struggling to kill Shekau the Boko Haram leader and no one even believes them any more because they have killed this Boko haram leader several times and he never died.
ECOWAS would not go and fight unlawful war in the Gambia. Even if Jammeh is not sure of anything he is sure that ECOWAS would not just rush into the Gambia and start shooting. Shooting for what?
The only game the ECOWAS could play in this case would be to just start a lenghty negotiation and some hide and seek games.
Barrow on the other hand may remain in Sengal until he exaust his money or gather some machinaries with the money he has. To start a guerrila war with Jammeh.
Who is going to invest into the war against Jammeh and the Gambia?
What would be the profit of that war?
Does the Gambia have a lucrative miniral resources that could be stolen during the fight?
The simple problem is: Jammeh had no reason to annul the result of the election other than the simple reason that keeps our beloved Mr. Mugbe still in power till now.
Jammeh regards ICC as a total injustice. He never wants to go there.
Either he steps aside or he is chased out by force he would end up in ICC. Even if he feeds on marijuana everyday he must understand this simple fact.
In his complex opinion he would chose to mugabelise himself at list to keep out the option of going to face ICC.
Barrow has come at a very wrong time. He should just ask some fellow Nigerians about what they still remember about „june 12.“
Where was ECOWAS during the time MKO Abiola of Nigeria won election and it was annuled by IBB Babangida? Are you people drunk? Are we talking about new ECOWAS? What is the stand of ECOWAS about ICC?
You guys should spend more time pleading with the man who has the gun and do not use force against him.
Even this kind of democracy people of Africa have been experimenting for 55 years with no positive result, is it not good if Africa considers another system of governance than this fake democracy?
June 12 is popular in Nigeria and many still have not forgotten what it means.
Some of the people that were sane during june 12 who could have used their power to materialize it killed it. How then would they try and bring Barrow to power.
Mr. Trump i bet has no time. I repeat, he have no fucking time for those rubish experimentation in Africa. He would simply ignore whatever happens in the Gambia for the Gambia to cry over it. Jammeh is not dumb. He has people reading newspaper for him on daily basis.
Mr. Trump would be busy fixing America and the Gambia has not been annexed to US, so forget about getting dollard to buy weapons to use on Jammeh.
Who is going to pay for removing Jammeh?
It would not just happen like picking up a common thief from the inside of a train. This could be the Libya of west Africa if ECOWAS fails to do its home work.
EU failed in Libya with all the money and weapons they have.
ECOWAS and the tiny Gambia.
I wish you all well but think about the innocent people. Before you launch any attack. Please build refugees camp that could hold at least 500,000 people and be ready to keep them healthy and feed them daily. Think about this before and not after you drop the first shell.
But i am sure Jammeh knows and he is just acting what he is told to act.

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  1. joejoe

    Ecowas has done a better homework and Jammeh is gone. But Barrow should watch his back, get rid of all those reminants of Jammeh Boys pretending to love him. Old soldiers never die!

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