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Shout for help ask for help

Shout for help. If you need help the best you should do is to shout for help. There are many people all over the internet and all over the world that are genuine and ready to offer help. If you do not shout for help how would they ever know that you need help?

Shout for help if you are in a situation whereby you need help. There are many people that need help but they are not in the position to shout for help. Refugees all over the world need help. If you are driven from your country and you have to take all the trouble to pass through many borders to get to your destination, truelly you need help.

Your food and your water would not last for the entire trip. You may as well fall ill on your way, you need help. Here the doctors without borders have a role to play to help you. Their work is very dangerious, it expose them to all kind of dangers still they do not give up helping people.

If you arrive at the border of a country which is not your destination, you need hel and you must shout for help if you want to get accross.

There are thousands of refugees that got stucked at the Serbian border, they need to shout for help. If they keep quiet and refuse to shout for help they would remain at the border for a very long time.

If you arrive at your destination you also must shout for help. This is a new environment different from your country. You need to shout for help.

If you must shout for help then you need to be able to shout for help in the language your host would understand. If you shout for help in your local language no one here would hear your shout for help.

Do you have ability to help your host with anything? many refugees think that the host do not need their help. Every human being needs help. The host may not shout for help at you thinking that you are a visitor and very new in the country. You must show the host what you are able to offer as help.

If the host do not shout for help you can ask the host if he needs your help. By doing this you are making more friends and you are making the host to know you and trust you.


Deportation to Africa not possible

Deportation to Africa is making a lot of refugees with rejected asylum applications to freeze. Even though many of the refugees have ways of speeding up the alternative ways of getting their residence permit to remain in the country. Many still hold on to the fact that as long as they have no travel documents their deportation may never be possible. But now if the social office says unless you bring your identification you may not get social help, what do the refugees have to do?

If your country of origin is safe, you need to be prepared for your deportation to Africa any time soon. Apart from few countries in Africa many of the countries of Africa are still unsafe for deportation. The Balkan refugees are now being given red cards. Those of them with rejected asylum applications are now being sent back. If it happens to the Balkan refugees it may happen to anyone. Watch them on this video as they matched on the plane for deportation.

African women are not to be treated the same way they are being treated in Africa where a man would have three or more wives.  Some of these African refugee men are not lazy,they have no working permit and they are not able to work. If they have working permit and residence permit they may need not fear deportation to Africa.

The best way to avoid deportation now is not to sit tight in the camp but to go out and meet people who could help. Meet the right people and open your mouth and explain to them your fear.  Many people are ready to help you with problem of deportation to Africa. But if you do not tell them about your fear of deportation to Africa how would they know that you fce deportation to Africa?

Why do some African men hate volunteering? Why do they always think you must get money before you could be useful to the community in which you live?  Taking part in some volunteering activities at the community level could bring refugees close to the people at the local level. these are the people that are in the best position to help you prevent deportation to Africa. but many people still find it difficult to understand.

Even to go out and meet people is difficult for some of the refugee, all they want is asking you if you have a friend who is looking for a man to marry.




Burkina faso coup another sensless coup

Burkina faso coup is a sensless coup and no one is happy that some group of criminals could still come up with another coup st this time. Something is wrong with these people. Why must they topple this transitional process at this time?

Burkina faso coup is not welcome and those responsible for this coup must step aside immidiately. Military coup? Can’t these people learn at least from the way Nigeria avoided trouble during the last general election.

Burkinafaso coup was organised because no one punished the Burundian illegal president for the action he took to assasinate the constitution just for him to become a dictator.

No one  was there to show him the way out. Though it was not that there was no one ready to exchange boxing with him but the people of Burundi are no longer interested in spilling blood. They need peace. Peace can only be allowed to happen if some group are ready to allow another walk on their heads. Hmmm, no some people are born to make peace!

Burkina faso coup is being condemned by all people around the world. In fact i wonder what this military leaders in Burkinafaso think. Do they think they can just start printing money and make money plenty in the country? Does Burkinafaso even have her own money printing machines? No, what these juncky military coup mongereres forgot is that they have no friend and there is no one ready to work with them.

The only thing that could make people speak with them is when they need o negotate.

Someone just said that some countries in west Africa are benefiting from the actions of Boko Haram, may be the military junta in Burkinafaso wants to participate in Boko Haram offensive and get crude oil money and share from the loots of Boko haram.

One fails to understand what is wrong with the military boys in Burkina faso. Why should Burkina faso coup happens at this time? These people have no vision. When other countries in Africa are trying their best to give better standard of living to their people Burkina faso is busy staging coups.



Refugees Lawyer in Bad Belzig

Refugees lawyer was present in Bad Belzig Germany, during the seminar, “Flüchtlinge und das Gesetz”. The seminar “Refugees and the law” was organised by Cagintua e.V. The seminar allowed the refugees to get answers to many of the questions troubling them.

Some refugees were happy and could not hide their happiness that they were able to attend the seminar. This is because they were able to ask questions about their various problems.

The seminar began at 14,00 and about 30 refugees were present.



The day before, there was a party where the refugees were able to dance to many different kind of music from different countries. It was a very great night. Some refugees did not hide their search for…

Some of the refugees however did not ask their questions in the open. They said that their questions were private. Which means they wanted to ask the lawyer during the brake time. The moderator gave them the chance to do so. Refugees lawyer are many in Germany but some refugees do not have enough money to hire the services of refugees lawyer.

It was very good that cagintua e.V was able to provide this opportunity for the refugees to meet with a refugees lawyer in Bad Belzig.

There are many ways in which refugees in Germany could get their residence permit. But the Lawyer also told the refugees that, even if you are working as a refugee, that does not mean that you could not be deported back to your country.

Some refugees were very  surprised to hear this. Many think that if you get working permit as a refugee and you are working that means you can no longer be deported. This is just assumption of refugees.

But the refugees were very glad when the lawyer explained to them other ways in which they could follow to get their residence permit.

It was one of the best seminars that made refugees to be glad. they did not hide their happiness for the organisers. During and after the seminars, refugees praised the organisers for organising such a very helpful seminar.

Since the lawyer is very experience in handling cases relating to asylum, many of the refugees were very glad to know him. To find refugees lawyer is not difficult but to get experienced refugees lawyer may be a task.

One of the questions a refugee asked was, “what happens when a refugee man and a refugee woman have a baby together? What if one of the parent faces deportation?

This issue has been worrying many refugees and preventing them from following the person they actually love.



Sending money,remittance experience

Sending money, what you need to know.

To get the best out of sending money online you need to do some home works.

Refugees and migrants should think very well when chosing their best methods of sending money to their families.

You have worked very hard to earn your money.  You would not want a con man to cart away your hard eran money.

It is a best practice to be very careful when chosing your method of sending money to your family.

Do not send your money through black market.  One of the reasons is that if things go wrong you may have yourself alone to blame. Many people have lost money by using  black market.  Avoid using black market for sending money.

There are many companies that help migrants to make sending money to their families successful. You should ask your friends about their experiences with the money transfer companies they used before. This could increase your experience about sending money onlie as well.

Getting the best companies that charge less commission for sending money is easy.

All you need to do is compare the comission and the charges.  Where can you best do that? Go to FXcompare.


Many money transfer companies are simple to use why other are too complicated.

Sending money online is the simplest and fastest way of money transfer. There are many companies that are involved in the provision of online money transfer. Many countries use the mobile money transfer.

Do you know about the mobile money wallet?

By mobile wollet you could make easy transfer of money and use your mobile number for  fulfiling some form of payment

Mobile money transfer is being used in many countries and also in Africa for sending money from person to person.

This is a very fast method of money transfer.

But one needs to be careful in chosing the best money transfer

There are many places to turn to if you are thinking of sending money.

Safety of your money comes firts when you think of money transfer.

Many people are in hurry to send money. Many recievers are in hurry to get money. Many companies are out there that make it happen fast. But ask questions, do ot rush.

There was an international conference in Milan Italy recently where expert discussed about remittances and development.

Remittances by African migrants are helping many people in Africa to solve many problems.


Post strike send somebody to your lover

Now that post is on strike what to do next?

Post strike here and if  you have very importatnt letter to send you need to worry a little. If you are expecting a very important letter you need to worry a little. Post strike and no letter is going out or coming in.

What do you do now that post strike?  I was not thinking about it before untill my brother called to tell me that he wanted to send a letter to me. But now that post strike what to do next?

I just told him to go to the bus station and plead with someone to help bring the letter to me. It is very importatnt that i get this letter today.

It is too late to start to ask for someone who is travelling, the best he could do was to rush to the bus station. He need to go to work and had no time to waste.

He was at the bus station and he called me. He told me he met a lady that was ready to help bring the letter to me. All i need to do was to cancel my appointment because the letter was very important too. I had to wait at the bus station for the stranger to arrive.

Post strike and i had to wait for my letter at the bus station. Thgis is just a solution. The post strike because the workers need better payment.

The post office have instructions on their website for customers to read. If you are still in doubt of what to do next. trhe best you could do is just go to their website.

Post strike  and there is little or nothing anyone could do. You either wait or use other means of sending your letters and percels around.

Post strike and it seems no one knows when the post strike would end. But if you are thinking of how to send a flower to your friend, then think about a new method than waiting for post strike to end. Think alternative to post?

But i think you could still turn to fast delivery post methods like sending your items by UPS, Currier services,  fedex, TNT, DPD, DTDC, there are many of them.

Do not wait till post strike end before you send your important documents. Lokk somewhere else to send your post if post strike continues.



2014-04-01 11.38.35

Fighting poverty what refugees must know

Fighting poverty among refugees that have escaped poverty in Africa could be a joke if they do not watch out.

Who is fighting poverty and who is poverty fighting? Fighting poverty among refugees began when they rose up and escaped the agony of poverty.

Apart from those that ran to escape political, cultural, religious and ethnic persecutions, most refugees ran to escape poverty.

Poverty is a real problem that threatens people’s life. Why must you stand and die inside your poverty if there is a way for you to escape it.

But most refugee escape poverty only to fall deep into the mother of all poverty.

Fighting poverty is useless if you only escape one to fall into another poverty.

How do refugees and migrants create poverty for themselve?

Right from Africa, people are deeply involved in social and cultural activities that promote poverty.

Among them are:

The production of as many children as possible.

men getting married to as many wives as they find willing to marry them.

Useless celebration of funneral and other partying activities.

Some of these poverty inclined cultures are glued to the lives of refugees and they are not able to seperate them. They arrived with them to theuir destinations.

Many still have more children because there is money being paid to them as “Kinder Geld”

This so called kinder geld has caused a lot of problem among migrants. Men and women fighting because of who should claim the kinder geld.

It is shameful that some men claiming they want to fight poverty that is attcking them by claiming the kinder geld. This money is not for the men it is for the children. Kinder means children. It is not Man geld but kinder geld. why do many African men always beat up their women simply because the woman refused to hand over the kinder geld to them?

Some of these men who in their despiration to fighting poverty would go and trick their women to open joint accouzng.

The trick is just to allow the money to enter the account so they could have all the m,oney for themselves.

Some of these African men are so greedy. They would take all the money and run away back to Africa to go and spend the money on another woman.

What they tell the woman in Africa?

You see, i have been in Europe for a very long time. I have no woman because there are no African women in germany. Is this not a big lie?

There are a lot of African women in Germany. All these men want is just to decieve the young women because they think that the woman they have here is old. They want to go after young girls.

This is not a good way for fighting poverty, it is a great way of opening a new window of poverty.

Another thing is that most African men luike show off. They want to go back to Africa, they have to buy big cars, like four wheels. They want to go and opress young girls and show off their wealth. What is this?

This is not about fighting poverty. They would arrive and attend all parties in their town. Changing clothes three times a day just to let the young goirls know that they have money.

Some of these innocent young girls would fall crazy for them. the result is, either they impregnate them and dump them for the parents. Or of the girls are lucky they smuggle them into Europe. It is whn the girls arrive here they see the truth.

it is difficult to convince a young girl in Africa that the man who has promised to take her to Europe is a fake.

Simply because the young girl is also interested in fighting poverty, she thinks this man is a God sent.

Another thing that push African migrants into debt and poverty is the rush for things they don’t even need.

Many people have a lot of things inside their basement. Most of them, they never need them. Most of these things have never been used and would never be used.

they would say,they want to send them to Africa. But they would keep them until the people in Africa would no longer need them.

There are certain thing you would even say you want to give as gift to person in Africa but they would not even value it. Simply because they see them as old.

You just try and buy a mobile phone that iss not IPhone and say you want to give it as gift to your mother or your grandfather, they would not even say thank you. Everyone wants to use Iphone. But hardly they know that you yourself you are using old nokia phone.



Travel buses Germany, travel with buses

Travel buses in Germany. Travel with buses from city to city in Germany. It is true that when you are new in a country you may never know all the routes. You may end up spending hundreds of euros for journey you could make with just few euros.

There are many ways you could travel from city to city in Germany spending juyt fraction of what you suppose to spend.

Travel busses are available in almost all major citiey in Germany.  With travel buses you could carry as many load as you want. You could even help your neighbour to take luggage along.

With travel buses you could enjoy a very comfortable trip from major ciities to even different parts of Europe.

Some of these travle buses charge as little as €5.00 for examnple from Hamburg to Berlin in Germany. But if you want to enjoy the lowest price like this you need to make your bookings in advance.

It is a fact that many refugees that are not working would not be able to pay for traveling if the cost it too high.

If you want to save money when you travel the best way is to try some of these travel buses.

SInce i discovered these buses i have saved a lot of money from my trips.

Another good news is that you do not need to fear that the police would enter the travel buses and control your residence permit.

But i do not know what happens if you use any of these travel buses from a country to another country in Europe.

You need to find out from the ticket sellers before you dsecide to travel with the travel buses from a major country to another.


The travel buses are very save and very comfortable too to gtravel with.

You can even maake a lot of friends while you travel with the travel buses.

Though as a refugee you could also make your driving licernse but where do you get money to buy car to use. You need to save money. You need not spend all your social benefit traveling from city to city. The best way you could travel and save money is to consider travelling with some of these travel buses.

If you are thinking of how to travel cheap, then one of your best bet could be to chose to travel with the buses in Germany.

It is easy to make your bookings if you want to travel with buses. You just go to their websites and start your easy bookings. many of them would accept that you make your payment with pay pal or with your bank transfer.

It is up to you the payment method that you chose.

have a nice time as you travel with buses in Gwermany and discover more of the beauties of Germany. But don’t forget, you could also help your neighbours to bring luggage along. There are enough space in those long couches.

If you are in Berlin you could also go to ZOB in Berlin. It is at ICC messe sud.

If you are in hamburg you go to Hamburg Hauptbahnhof/ZOB.

If you are confused ask anyone along the road or use your navi on your mobile phone to find your way.


House ownership costs among migrants

House ownership costs could prove to be a connecting point between most migrants.

Nearly all African migrants would dream of having a house call their own. House ownership costs in the home they left behind. House ownership costs in their new home. Both have significant roles to play in the ways migrants work and keep money.

House ownership costs is one of the factors that make many migrants to toil day and night. Many migrants send money home to their family and some parts of the money is meant to build houses for them.

House ownership costs is known to be another reason why many migrants embark on the trip to find money. Everybody wants to have a house called his own. To rent houses in most countrries in Africa is not easy at all. Even if you live in the rural village. You must strife hard to build your own house. House ownership costs in the village is different from house ownership costs in the city.

The struggle to get a place to lay head make a lot of people to work very hard. Many people who have experienced living as refugees would understand how difficult it is to live in the open.

Many refugees that have been displaced from their homes by war would never forget how bad war could be. many people who have houses in their home countries become homeless because of terrible wars.

The dreams of many refugee to get their own houses was faced with realities when they arrived their new homes in Europe. House ownership costs in Europe is different from the dream of the refugees.

Before one starts to dream of house ownership costs he must at least have regular job.

If you are a refugee and you have no working permit, how do you get job to do?

If you have no job to do how do you start to drem of house ownership costs?

The dream to make a lot of money either to build houses in the home refugee left behind or to buy house in their new homes is making many refugees lament. They lament that they do not have working permit. Those that have been given working permit refuse to work. many continue to manufactiure chuldren every month. Some simply refuse to work and settle for socvial money. How then could a person that lives on social money monthly drem of ouse ownership costs.

Many think that unless you earn minimum of 5000/month before you could start to dream about house of your own. This is not true. There are many advisory centers that could point out to you if you approach them for help on how to own your own houses.

House ownership is what prompt many migrants to seek for some estate agents in the country they left behind. many have opened savings accounts with many estate agents in Africa.

Some are lucky but others are not so lucky. they have landed into the hands of fake estate agents that stole their money.

However if you are thinking of being a proud owner of your own house where you live, then probably currect you need to find the best estate agent in the city where you live.

In oder to avoid llanding in the wrong hand, you need a little reasearch.


IMG-20130716-WA0002 (2)

Burundi coup, a set up coup

Burundi coup is a set up coup. There was no coup in Burundi. How could a drunk be a coup leader? Those who want to believe the fake coup should wait for few seconds and consider some critical steps that coups need to succeed.

The president knew there was going to be a coup and he left the country. Would you leave your house without security if you know that thieves are coming to steal your property? What you could do is to secure your house.

If you have not watched the way the fake coup leader General Godefroid Niyombare spoke go and listen to him again.

The arrested plotters thought they were carrying out coup unknowing to them they were just being framed up by the Burundi secret security.

How many of the military took part in the fake coup? How many military barracs was under the control of the fake coup leaders?

How many military officers and police chiefs were involved in meeting with the head of the fake coup?

This is never a coup. it was just an attempt to bring the protesters away from the street. This is the simple thing that took place in Burundi.

The president Pierre Nkurunziza is now back in Burundi only to shift the attentions of the protesters away from the protest and make them listen to the trials of the coup plotters.

This action would also shift the attention of the voters away from casting votes correctly. The election would be rigged and the president Pierre Nkurunziza would have smooth re entry.

The woman that stood in front of the protesters leading them on the street has been arrested and no one knows exactly her whereabout. The fake coup plotters just tried to fool the people into believing that there was really a coup in Burundi. This is never a coup.

A coup ploitter would be stupid if he start to ask if he would be killed or not if the attempt failed. What a heck is the drunk talking about? He should know that he would be cut off should the coup fails. Where is the coup leader now? on the run? No. He is not on the run. He is being kept by the military.

Whatever, this burundi coup is never a coup. It is a set up. What kind of Burundi coup are we talking about here? How many miltary took part in the so called Burundi coup?

The government of president Pierre Nkurunziza has become illegal the moment he tampered with the constitution. The people went on the street to demand he steps aside. Then came some group of drunk and tried to fool people in Burundi coup. This is a  fake coup.

Who needs the military coup to sack an illegal president? No one needs the military coup. Nigeria did not invite the military to stage coup before they rejected third terms the first and the second time.

Burundi coup is a cover up coup. Burundi coup is a fake.

The fake Burundi coup was able to partly achieve its aim. The protesters turned away from protesting, they  began to cheer the fake Burundi coup plotters.

Just look at the numbers of refugees they have created simply because of this fake Burundi coup.

These gangs of fake military should not forget to remember that what they plotted in the dark where they think a mad man was asleep, the mad man did not sleep. Even they should never think that he was really a mad man.  Let them start the investigation if they can.