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Jammeh tiny gambia jokes of Ecowas

Jammeh, tiny Gambia and the jokes of Ecowas.
Ecowas has no capability to attack Gambia. Stop this propaganda!
The timing is both wrong and bad.
Nigeria, the super power of ECOWAS is struggling to kill Shekau the Boko Haram leader and no one even believes them any more because they have killed this Boko haram leader several times and he never died.
ECOWAS would not go and fight unlawful war in the Gambia. Even if Jammeh is not sure of anything he is sure that ECOWAS would not just rush into the Gambia and start shooting. Shooting for what?
The only game the ECOWAS could play in this case would be to just start a lenghty negotiation and some hide and seek games.
Barrow on the other hand may remain in Sengal until he exaust his money or gather some machinaries with the money he has. To start a guerrila war with Jammeh.
Who is going to invest into the war against Jammeh and the Gambia?
What would be the profit of that war?
Does the Gambia have a lucrative miniral resources that could be stolen during the fight?
The simple problem is: Jammeh had no reason to annul the result of the election other than the simple reason that keeps our beloved Mr. Mugbe still in power till now.
Jammeh regards ICC as a total injustice. He never wants to go there.
Either he steps aside or he is chased out by force he would end up in ICC. Even if he feeds on marijuana everyday he must understand this simple fact.
In his complex opinion he would chose to mugabelise himself at list to keep out the option of going to face ICC.
Barrow has come at a very wrong time. He should just ask some fellow Nigerians about what they still remember about „june 12.“
Where was ECOWAS during the time MKO Abiola of Nigeria won election and it was annuled by IBB Babangida? Are you people drunk? Are we talking about new ECOWAS? What is the stand of ECOWAS about ICC?
You guys should spend more time pleading with the man who has the gun and do not use force against him.
Even this kind of democracy people of Africa have been experimenting for 55 years with no positive result, is it not good if Africa considers another system of governance than this fake democracy?
June 12 is popular in Nigeria and many still have not forgotten what it means.
Some of the people that were sane during june 12 who could have used their power to materialize it killed it. How then would they try and bring Barrow to power.
Mr. Trump i bet has no time. I repeat, he have no fucking time for those rubish experimentation in Africa. He would simply ignore whatever happens in the Gambia for the Gambia to cry over it. Jammeh is not dumb. He has people reading newspaper for him on daily basis.
Mr. Trump would be busy fixing America and the Gambia has not been annexed to US, so forget about getting dollard to buy weapons to use on Jammeh.
Who is going to pay for removing Jammeh?
It would not just happen like picking up a common thief from the inside of a train. This could be the Libya of west Africa if ECOWAS fails to do its home work.
EU failed in Libya with all the money and weapons they have.
ECOWAS and the tiny Gambia.
I wish you all well but think about the innocent people. Before you launch any attack. Please build refugees camp that could hold at least 500,000 people and be ready to keep them healthy and feed them daily. Think about this before and not after you drop the first shell.
But i am sure Jammeh knows and he is just acting what he is told to act.

Fake American Embassy Ghana overthrew Nigeria

Fake American Embassy in Ghana. Ghana overthrew Nigeria in the field of international crimes. I really wonder why so many Nigerians are flocking to Ghana in their thousands. First i was thinking in the same direction with my friend. My friend once said, “Nigerian men like Ghana women too much.”

But now it is clear that these Nigerian men are not going to Ghana for women, they are going to Ghana to go and visit the Fake American embassy in Ghana.

But how on earth is it possible for the Ghanains to operate Fake American Embassy in Ghana for decades without getting cought by the police?

Ghanaians police are infected like their neighbours. Many of them are pregnant with “fufu” and “Kenke.”

To say the fact, they are far better than those useless armed robbers you called police in another country. If you like mention the name of that country. I have not mentioned their name here. If you like go ahead and say it.

They would torture you to death. Eh? You heard what i said. I am not here to gossip i am here to tell you what you need to know. If you like listen before they torture you to death.

Some  of these policemen are just incompetent and they are still allowed to carry guns.

How? Why must they torture a person to death? For what? Simply because they do not believe in the rule of law. They think if they drag this suspect to court the court may not take enough action.

Guys from Ghana, i salute you. You have just overthrew Nigerian yahoo yahoo boys.

Now you operate the embassy of the most powerful country on earth under the leadership of our dear brother.

Eh! I fear these guys. Operating a fake US embassy in Ghana?

Now those of you that think that these guys are not talented; what do you call that one? Satanic talent?  Yes that is exactly what it is.

Ghana we hail thee!

Chei! First, i told my neighbour who is a fanatic Ghanaian, he shouted, ” no, never, that kind of thing can never happen in Ghana.” I told him, “Boy, relax, swallow you fufu then come and read this news.” At least i did not have a newspaper of my own.

He read it and said. “Oh my God, see what these Nigerian boys have brought to Ghana.”

But take your time to read the article very well. The Ambassador of the fake US embassy in Ghana is a Ghanaian.




Kenyans truly lazy another wrong opinion?

Are Kenyans truly lazy? I am asking because i have read it at a post on the internet. Before you start to insult me like a drunkard who is just taking the last bottle, open your eyes and read the article written by the writer. I am just trying to put in my personal experience inside the camp where i have lived for many years.

My observation about my friends: He never likes to drink water. He drinks only whatever is inside coloured bottles. name them. If he is asleep and a bottle, coloured one is beside his bed, he grabs it even without looking at whatever is inside the bottle. He swallows it.

I asked my friend one day. “Can we go and look for work?” He answered, “what work?”

I replied him, “cleaning job is easy to find.” His reply. “You want to start to clean floor and clean the toilets?”

I see nothing bad in cleaning the toilets and cleaning the floor to get money. What about the “Cleaning Tigers?” They get more money than you think.

I tried to explain to my friend that sleeping and drinking the whole days and nights would never help him he told me to have a sit.

I sat. I thought about it again. “Are Kenyans truly lazy?”

He began to lecture me, “do you come here to Germany to come and be a cleaner? Didn’t you attend school in your fucking country before you ran away? Why on this heart it is only cleaning job you could think of with your head? Look, if it is only cleaning job that remains in this city, i am not going to do it.” He took his bottle again and began to drink. Before he put it on the floor, his two friends entered the room. “look at this man from Burundi or whatever country he comes from,” he pointed at me and continued, ” he wants me to go and look for cleaning job. Why must i look for cleaning job? If you go find this job, the highest you got paid is €800 in a month. Just think about it. You work and get €800, from there you pay house rent of about €450. What do you have left? You buy your train ticket. What do you have left. You pay for telephone. what do you have left? You buy jacket, clothes and shoes you have nothing left.

If you sit in the camp and you don’t even go to work you get better money to eat and drink. If you go clean, you come you are tired, can you even use your mouth to talk and drink?” Kenyans truly lazy

I do not say all Kenyans are lazy. I know many Kenyan women that are very hard working. My friend is one of them she is very hard working. But maybe the boy who happend to be my room mate is the only Kenyan man that is lazy. But the article i read told me something different.

Selling Africa, More Lands Grabbed

Rich people with plenty of money are buying up the lands in Africa. More refugees are running away from Africa. Some of them did not forget to sell their fathers land before they fled. You say, “and so what?” And i know that next time if you wake up and all the fertile lands are in the hands of the Chinese you start to grumble and say, “look the Chinese stole our lands.”
Whatnext if all the remaining lands of Africa are sold? what next?

Do you know a friend of yours selling Africa lands? If you have no friends atht has sold his land or his father’s land you may know a neigbour who sold his farm. The neighbour might have sold the farm to raise money for his son to travel abroad.

This is not strange. Africa has plenty of fertile lands. There are no machines to work the farm and produce plenty of food. People are hungry. Criminal gangs like Boko haram are killing farmers. What next? The farmwers are abandoning their farms. They move away from the villages. they settle in the cities. Just to struggle to survive.

Poverty is the major cause of land selling. If you are hungry and you are afraid to go to the farm because boko haram is killing farmers what would you eat? You may be tempted to sell your fahters land only to use the money to buy imported food.

What if all the lands are sold?

This is a question i want to ptetend that it never exist.

If all lands in Africa are sold? Who is selling Africa?

Young people are no longer willing to go and bend their backs in the fams using the traditional methods of tilling the lands.

It is not easy. It makes people grow old fast. It causes pains. The farmers get nothing for all the efforts they invested in farming. They were able to feed their families. that is ok. But are they able to pay for medical bills? no, it is not possible for the farmers to pay for medical bills because they have no provit from the farms.

Most of the products they harvested got rotten because they have no means of preserving them.

To discourage the selling of African lands, farming should be made lucratives. Let the youth create interest in farming. How do you make the youths create interest in farming?

This is a dream that may take years to come true. The youths to start working the farm with hoes and cutlasses like it was done the time your papa was stull attending standard one school?

If you ask them why they have still not able to provide electricity for their people they would answer you, “It takes time for those things to be fixed.” The fact is they know nothing about good governance. They feel proud to admit it.

They are systematically selling the lands to the Chinese. Now, ladies and gentlemen. Tell me whatsnext.


The traveller kept me waiting.

The traveller kept me waiting.

The traveller that my father sent to me from Hamburg Germany on the 11.06.2016 kept me waiting endless at the Kotoka Airport in Ghana.

It was a very bitter experience for me and i want others to learn from this terrible mistake.

It was an envelope containing inportant documents my father sent this traveller to give me.

The traveller kept me waiting for the whole night.

My father gave me the telephone number of this traveller. he travelled with KLM from Hamburg Germany. My father met him at the Airport. Showed him the envelope opened it and gave it to him. First he put this envelope inside hid bag. According to my father, the man later removed the envelope from his bag and put it inside the Shopping Hand bag.

The flight left Hamburg Airport at 12.35 headed to Amsterdam where the traveller joined the main aircraft to Ghana.

His Name and his photo was sent to me by whattsapp. I wrote the Name in capital letter and Held it in my Hand.

I was at the Ghana Kotoka Airport waiting for this man before the plane arrived.

I sat there at the Airport Held the Name i wrote in capital letters in my both Hand. I watched the travellers came out of the Airport one after the other. I checked the photo of the traveller sent to me by my fahter and i looked carefully at all the travellers coming out.

I could not see this traveller.

At 22.00 Ghana time i called my father and told him the traveller did not Show up. He went to check the flight tracker. to make sure the frlight was not cancilled.

He called me later to inform me that the flight did arrived Ghana and there was no known issue.

I waited again to see if he would come out later, thinking that maybe he was having issue relating to late Arrival of luggage or luggage Clearing delay.

I decided to go home but then the time was now when it was 24.00hr. Then it was a late decision as i was now stranded. The taxi charges was high and i had no Money to pay for such.

I called a friend who came to pick me.

In the morning the traveller called me and told me to call him later. I called him and he told me to come and meet him and collect the envelope my father sent him to give me.

It was a horrible Long night but i did not go for the envelope alone, that would be a stupid risk after he had overlooked me at the Airport.

At least i got my envelope but maybe you could learn one or two from my experience.

Send luggage meet travellers

Send luggage meet travellers. You can also send items through tavellers if you are not able to travel.

It is great to see that many other People are joining the list of travellers that are helping others to bring valuable items from one part of the world to the others.

This is helping the People that Need those useful items get them very fast. It also reduce the number of waste that People throw away daily.

If you are able to help a refugee in your area to bring item to his Family at home, you are making new real friends. These new People you meet are not going to Forget you. They would not Forget your Name.

You have now added to your real friends. there are many ghost friends but those that you are able to meet face to face are among your new real friends.

taking items from one City to the other for People while you travel is good and make fun. You are able to know more places of interest in your destinations.

If you are a traveller and you want to know better of yopur new Location, the best is to connect with the locals. the best way you could do that is bring them something from your home.

Help others to send luggage meet travellers.

The best way you could do this is to make sure you inspect what you accept to deliver. find out if it is safe for your trip. Make suure the Immigration and customs will allow you to go in with the items.

Do not accept bad items and dangerous items from People you do not know.

It is good to help people  solve their problems by doing so you make them happy and they would never forget your help.

Poverty problems not only in Africa

Poverty problems is not restricted to African countries alone. There are poverty problems in many other countries of the world as well.

War and domestic violences are the root causes of problem in many parts of the word too. We have seen recently how many people in the middle east because of selfishness destroyed civilization that took mamy years to build.

Who has not heard about the war in Syria. Who has not heard about the terror group called isis?

What the Syrian people are witnessing now is great problem. Syria was not among the poor countries of the world but this terrible violence has just piled Syria to become of of the countries that begs for food.

Those that rae responsible for plunging Syria into this terrible war may or may never know the implication of what they are doing.

How could some group of people just be proud to destroy civilization?

ISIS and Boko haram are just same evil.

Tha other time the eveil leader of Bh was saying he is now a servant to the evil of Bagdad. what arrant nonsense? How could these stupid people be making live misrable for innocent people and they are still feeling proud about it?

Whatever their aim and whatever their mission, these evel men are causes of poverty and they need to be stopped.

It is also very sad that some people are supporting evil killers by buying oil from ISIS when they know that they are using the money they collect from the illegal sales of oil to buy weapons.

Who are the people supplying weapons to BH in Nigeria. It is a fact that that stupid idiot man could not even be able to know where to buy blade talkless of buying weapons. How could the civiliced world open their eyes and watch why evil people kill innocent civiliants?

Deported after 17 years in Germany

Deported after 17 years in Germany.

Some of the junglers people(this is now the popular slang for refugees who are staying permanently in the refugee camps) think that because they are old junglers they can never be deported. This is  a big lie. deportation after 17 years did take place in Germany and a man was deportaed back to romania

If deportation after 17 years could happen to a Romania who says it can not happen to another person from another country?

Some people have relaxed very well eating and drinking every day and every night never think that deportation after 17 years could ever happen. Now it has happened to a man from Romania and this could happen to any other person. even this man is not a junggler, he is a normal person with residence permit. But why is he not ready to use the residence permit and the working permit they have given to him to work?

It is not just easy to understand some people and how they behave  when it comes to question of residence permit. Some just want every thing to come autoamtic,they are not ready to put any effort. Sleeping and eating and drinking is too good for them and at the end of the month they just walk few meteres and their monthly allowance is in their hands.

But those that really  have no other way to remain in the country should beetter find partners to get married to them. This is not a taboo like my friend said when he arrived newly from Chad eight years ago. He refused to drink which was very good. He refused to go to disco which i found no so good. He refused to learn the language which i found stupid of him. He was crying day and night about his wife they have reserved for him. The day we had party and some young ladies attended he said “haram” whenever someone danced with them. Now he is the expert in hunting even after he has gotten two big boys as children from pretty lady he met at a disco in Berlin. You should go to the internet if you are afraid of talking with women on the street or at discos.

SOme of the junglers like to boast inside their rooms just for nothing.

It is also very interesting to read what an author wrote about how junglers look for women like they are searching for gold.

Those who are locky and not arrogant may find some to help them escape deportation.

nigerian embassy

Pay Social, Nigeria Pays Social

Pay social money to your cirticens. Nigeria is to begin the payment of social benefit to those that are not working.

This a welcome news that Nigeria wants to start to pay social money to the citicens who have jo jobs to do. The payment of the social money would help the jobless to get money to buy food and eat.

This is a great development coming out of Nigeria. The Nigeria new government has shown that it is possible for Africa ´to share the scarce resources we have instead for some criminals to keep all the resources to themselves.

If a single senator is collecting 8.5 million  as salary when millions of people are hungry and begging for food. What kind of society do we have when a country like Nigeria will a lot of oil can not afford to feed her citicens. Now the present government has shown a good example which not only Nigeria should emulate but which other countries in Africa must follow.

This action of paying social money in Nigeria will trigger peoples revolution in Africa. many people would start to ask their legistlators to cut salary and divide the rest among the poor people to feed them. What kind of work are those big belly legistlators doing that other people can not do?

They make laws? And so what? Is it not just to talk and talk and make some arguments. Any one can do that work too. Why must they say they want to collect all the money when there is no money to pay teachers salaries?

Nigeria pay social now and all eyes would be on other countries. Now that Nigeria pays social money, what are the migrants in the diaspora doing to assist Nigeria government? You big big burgers should not just be making noise. Stand up and do something to help. You can also send items through travllers to your friends. By doing this you are helping them not to depend too much on the government.


Help your neighbour to do something

How to help your neighbour is very simple. If you really want to help your neighbour all you need to do is just try and offer your best. Your best in whatever you are good at is the best way to help your neighbours. many people think they have nothing to offer to help their neighbors but that is absolutely not correct.

Every human being has one talent and he can use that talent to help your neighbours. If your neighbours ask you for bread in the night or if your neighbour do not have enough salt and he has already put his food on the fire and the day is sunday when shops are closed. He could ask you for salt and you could give him. If you do this you help your neighbours. How to help your neighbour should not be a difficult task. It should be easy for you to help your neighbours.

Have you been asked by your neighbour for a ride? We know about bla bla cars and we know about mitfahrgelegenheit all these are put in place so that drivers could be able to help their neighbours to move from one place to the other and to travel long distances without having to pay too much money. If you want to travel from a city to another city or from one country to the other you may not have enough money. If you stand on the road and wave down passing cars you may get help or you may not. But if you go to one of the websites of those cars you may get help.

You may also try to help your neighbour by asking him if he is fine. If he s not fine he would tell you and you may ask him, can i help you do something?

If you are living in the camp and you need someone to help you the best thing you need to do is to engage in activities like sport. Go out there and meet young people who play foot ball.

Many people are looking for help for money on the internet. Some criminals hide behind this to get at innocent people. they would promise they could give you help with money but if you are not watching well you would end up losing your money to them.

To say that you are too low or too poor to offer help to another person simply means you are selfish, you think only about yourself getting help. How could someone say because he is a jungler(refugees living in jungle) he is not in any position to help the people he is living with.

don’t you send money home to your mother and your father and your brothers and your sisters and your wives and your children and the childen of your brothers and sisters.

Let us grow up.

Many people are taking political risks to welcome the refugees, the refugees also should show some little of concern not just to sit down like beggers, running to the social office every month and smiling to the money transfer office.