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I am a cool and easy going person. I love making friends and love to discover new things. I love giving help where i can. You want to be my friend? No shy! Knock at my door and we can try it out!

Send luggage meet travellers

Send luggage meet travellers. You can also send items through tavellers if you are not able to travel.

It is great to see that many other People are joining the list of travellers that are helping others to bring valuable items from one part of the world to the others.

This is helping the People that Need those useful items get them very fast. It also reduce the number of waste that People throw away daily.

If you are able to help a refugee in your area to bring item to his Family at home, you are making new real friends. These new People you meet are not going to Forget you. They would not Forget your Name.

You have now added to your real friends. there are many ghost friends but those that you are able to meet face to face are among your new real friends.

taking items from one City to the other for People while you travel is good and make fun. You are able to know more places of interest in your destinations.

If you are a traveller and you want to know better of yopur new Location, the best is to connect with the locals. the best way you could do that is bring them something from your home.

Help others to send luggage meet travellers.

The best way you could do this is to make sure you inspect what you accept to deliver. find out if it is safe for your trip. Make suure the Immigration and customs will allow you to go in with the items.

Do not accept bad items and dangerous items from People you do not know.

It is good to help people  solve their problems by doing so you make them happy and they would never forget your help.


Find real travelers top 10 places

Find real travelers that are going to your village and ready to help you. There are many travel sites where it is possible to find real travelers. Most of them offer free services. You can visit those sites and meet a lot of travelers going to your village. To find real traveler that would be ready to carry your luggage for you may not be so easy. Because you do not know when you may need a traveler it is important to make friends with a lot of travelers. It could become frustrating if you search and wait all the time for travelers and find none. First you must know where the travelers are. Go and ask them if they could help you say hello to your fmily you left at home. Find real travelers that could help you bring your luggage to your family at home.
I have searched the web and have been able to discover some of the best travel sites where you could find real travelers that are traveling to your village.
1. Trip advisor
2. Lonely planet
3. Travel zoo
4. Travelocity
5. Kayak
6. Expedia
To find real travelers to send to your family who would not charge you for it, you need to get willing travelers. Not all travelers would be ready to visit remote areas of your village. But if you are well known to this traveler he could go extra miles to locate your family and deliver your luggage.
Willing travelers would love to know about your village and ready to meet your family and deliver your message to them. Willing travelers would be glad to learn about your cultures.
First you have to make yourself familiar to the traveler you want to send to your family.
Just think of it, would you be ready to just accept luggage from strangers? No. No one would love to do this except you are getting paid for it. But if you are familiar with the person you want to send, he/she would be willing to help you carry your luggage along.
You could also try searching locally among your friends at the community level. To find real travelers in the community should not be too hard. Since you know some of these travelers before, they could also help you.
It is not impossible however to find real travelers to send to your people on first trial but it takes a stroke of luck.
Here are my tips:
Do not hesitate to chat with any of the travelers you come accross online, they could one day be helpful to you.
Even if you have nothing much to say, try and say “hi,” how are you doing and how was your last trip?

Try to ask if they have visited your country and your village before.

Tell them a little more about your city and places they may love to visit there.
Be polite to travelers you meet online.
Visit as many travel website as possible and make a lot of friends among travelers.
by so doing it would be easy for you to find real travelers when you need one.

Talk to family

Samsung Galaxy resetting fast

Samsung galaxy can refuse to open for you to use if you have a second sleep. I mean if you have memory issues like me. This happen most of the time to many of us. You can just forget what pin number you have put to lock your phone against theft but you could also be locked out as long as you find it difficult to remember your pin code.

If this happen to your Samsung Galaxy, no need to panic, it has happened to me and i nearly cry because i was about to place a call to a very importatnt person but the phone would not open for me to do this.


I locked my Samsung Galaxy against theft but here i am holding the phone in my hand not knowing how to open it.

I put all the code i could remember but it would not open for me. Then I tried and called a friend of mine with my house telephone and he guilded me through these steps one by one.

He told me to remove my battery and and replaced it after few minutes which i did.

He told me to hold the power key, the volume key and the menu keys all at the same time.

I would not lie to you it was not that easy for me to hold all the three keys at the same time but i managed to do it.

Next, he told me to allow the power key to go, i mean he told me to remove my hand from the power key but continue to hold on the volume and the menu keys.

There was a signal on the phone which means it was coming on, now he told me to remove my hands on the volume and the menu keys and i did.

Then he told me to use the volume key to navigate on the instruction that appered on the phone now, i did and he told me to unse the menu key to click on “delete all the data”

Aftre i did this the phone started to reboot. It took several seconds to complete but I waited for it to process.

I was very glad that i was able to get into my Samsung Galaxy again. I now have to decide between not locking my samsung Galaxy with any code to prevent it from theft and leave it so i would not bother to crack my brain any longer for fogotten pin code.

But thanks to my friend who showed me how to open it. This could have caused me to throw the phone away and spend money to buy a new one.

This would not stop me from locking my Samsung Galaxy because i do not want unwanted person to have access to my Samsung Galaxy phone.


Much debt how you can avoid it

Too much debt how you can avoid it.

Too much debt is one of the problems that migrants come face to face with as soon as they are out of the refugees camps. Simply put it this way. When refugees were busy in the refugee camps fighting to get residence permit, it was not possible for them to get close to getting loan from the bank because then they have no bank accounts.

Then after they get of the refugee camps and start working, many of them would then get invitation from their banks. It is normal, if you start working and your salary start going into your bank account, your bank manager would notice this and start to invite you to apply for credit.

If your bank manager does not act fast enough he may lose you to competitors.

You may want to ask me how other banks would know that you exist?

This is one of the ways in which other bank find you.

Have you bought any items from shops by which you have to pay in installment before. let say you go to one of the big shops that sell electronics and then you buy you TV of Lap top and you want to pay monthly.

Then they would give you a certain form to fill. From there a bank that works with this shop would take over the payment and pay on your behalf, then you start paying monthly and this money now goes into the account of the bank.

If you make the payment as agreed and you do not owe this bank, you have already entered into their positive book. They would write you after you complete the payment for the computer you bought they would ask you to come and take credit from them.

This is one of the reasons why you bank also act very fast to invites you to come and take credit from them before another bank overs to give you credit.

But do not rush for credit. Try your best and compare the interest, if you fail to do this you may end up paying too much for the credit you take in hurry.

There is also the temptation for you to get credit from many banks at the same time. this is tempting. For example many banks could invite you to come and take credit from them. Other bank may tell you that they are ready to pay off the credit you have taken from the first bank so that you now take new credit from them.

You must try your best to avoid too much debt by making sure that you settle one credit before you take another so that you would not have so much money to pay out for settling debt each month.

You should find out much about the credit institution that is best for you. There are some banks that would even allow you to stop the payment for some times if you have no money to continue because you are out of job.

But to be at the safe side try to consider paying some amount for insurance of your credit. This is necessary in case you are unable to continue with the payment.

Try and avoid too much debt so that you would not have too much headache.


Home registration, you can do it anywhere

Home registration in Germany. You can chose to do it at any of the registration center in the city you live.

For those refugees that are still living in the camp. It is obvious that most of the things that refugees need are being done for them by the social workers.

For example, many refugees that still live inside the refugee camps do not know how to register their television and how to pay the television fee.(GEZ) If you are already living in the city away from the refugee camp you would know by now what is calle GEZ.

You enjoy watching television for more than 24 hours a day without paying a dim for the GEZ. You never know that it is the social office that is paying this money on your behalf every month. This is because you are not working. If you get out of the refugee camp, you have to work and pay all these money yourself. If you have television in your room and you do not register it and pay the correct amount of money due, you would start to get letters from GEZ every time.


If you refuse to pay the GEZ money you risk fixing your name in the black book called Schufa.

What is GEZ?

Now if you moved from the refugee camp where you have lived for years into any city of Germany, it is important that you have your own flat. If you have your own flat it is important that you register it with the authority. That is what i call home registration in my writing. You may call it anything you like.

Home registration is compulsory. You register and if you are living you have  un- register it.

What do you need if you want to register your new flat?

You need your passport.

You need your residence permit. It could also be your duldung.

You need your flat contract(Wohnung Vertrag)

home registration

But before you visit the meldebehorde, you have to call them on telephone and book an appointment. You can chose to do the home registration at any of the registration (Bezarksamt) you like. It dos not necessarily mean that you have to do the home registration at the office near your home. You could do it at the registration center near your working place.

If you have your flat rented directly from the house owner, like the companies that rent flats out then you have to take the contract you signed with them along. If you have a sub let contract from the person that rented the apartment directly from the company , then it is the responsibility of that person to give you a sub contract.

If you phone the registration office, they would ask you for your name and your telephone number. They would give you possible free dates for appointment and you can make your choice among the available free dates fro appointment.

Home registration is new to many refugees from Africa because in most parts of Africa there is nothing called home registration. If you are new in Germany it is important that you take note of home registration. You have to have an address of your own from where you could get letters.