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Poverty problems not only in Africa

Poverty problems is not restricted to African countries alone. There are poverty problems in many other countries of the world as well.

War and domestic violences are the root causes of problem in many parts of the word too. We have seen recently how many people in the middle east because of selfishness destroyed civilization that took mamy years to build.

Who has not heard about the war in Syria. Who has not heard about the terror group called isis?

What the Syrian people are witnessing now is great problem. Syria was not among the poor countries of the world but this terrible violence has just piled Syria to become of of the countries that begs for food.

Those that rae responsible for plunging Syria into this terrible war may or may never know the implication of what they are doing.

How could some group of people just be proud to destroy civilization?

ISIS and Boko haram are just same evil.

Tha other time the eveil leader of Bh was saying he is now a servant to the evil of Bagdad. what arrant nonsense? How could these stupid people be making live misrable for innocent people and they are still feeling proud about it?

Whatever their aim and whatever their mission, these evel men are causes of poverty and they need to be stopped.

It is also very sad that some people are supporting evil killers by buying oil from ISIS when they know that they are using the money they collect from the illegal sales of oil to buy weapons.

Who are the people supplying weapons to BH in Nigeria. It is a fact that that stupid idiot man could not even be able to know where to buy blade talkless of buying weapons. How could the civiliced world open their eyes and watch why evil people kill innocent civiliants?


Refugees Lawyer in Bad Belzig

Refugees lawyer was present in Bad Belzig Germany, during the seminar, “Flüchtlinge und das Gesetz”. The seminar “Refugees and the law” was organised by Cagintua e.V. The seminar allowed the refugees to get answers to many of the questions troubling them.

Some refugees were happy and could not hide their happiness that they were able to attend the seminar. This is because they were able to ask questions about their various problems.

The seminar began at 14,00 and about 30 refugees were present.



The day before, there was a party where the refugees were able to dance to many different kind of music from different countries. It was a very great night. Some refugees did not hide their search for…

Some of the refugees however did not ask their questions in the open. They said that their questions were private. Which means they wanted to ask the lawyer during the brake time. The moderator gave them the chance to do so. Refugees lawyer are many in Germany but some refugees do not have enough money to hire the services of refugees lawyer.

It was very good that cagintua e.V was able to provide this opportunity for the refugees to meet with a refugees lawyer in Bad Belzig.

There are many ways in which refugees in Germany could get their residence permit. But the Lawyer also told the refugees that, even if you are working as a refugee, that does not mean that you could not be deported back to your country.

Some refugees were very  surprised to hear this. Many think that if you get working permit as a refugee and you are working that means you can no longer be deported. This is just assumption of refugees.

But the refugees were very glad when the lawyer explained to them other ways in which they could follow to get their residence permit.

It was one of the best seminars that made refugees to be glad. they did not hide their happiness for the organisers. During and after the seminars, refugees praised the organisers for organising such a very helpful seminar.

Since the lawyer is very experience in handling cases relating to asylum, many of the refugees were very glad to know him. To find refugees lawyer is not difficult but to get experienced refugees lawyer may be a task.

One of the questions a refugee asked was, “what happens when a refugee man and a refugee woman have a baby together? What if one of the parent faces deportation?

This issue has been worrying many refugees and preventing them from following the person they actually love.


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Fighting poverty what refugees must know

Fighting poverty among refugees that have escaped poverty in Africa could be a joke if they do not watch out.

Who is fighting poverty and who is poverty fighting? Fighting poverty among refugees began when they rose up and escaped the agony of poverty.

Apart from those that ran to escape political, cultural, religious and ethnic persecutions, most refugees ran to escape poverty.

Poverty is a real problem that threatens people’s life. Why must you stand and die inside your poverty if there is a way for you to escape it.

But most refugee escape poverty only to fall deep into the mother of all poverty.

Fighting poverty is useless if you only escape one to fall into another poverty.

How do refugees and migrants create poverty for themselve?

Right from Africa, people are deeply involved in social and cultural activities that promote poverty.

Among them are:

The production of as many children as possible.

men getting married to as many wives as they find willing to marry them.

Useless celebration of funneral and other partying activities.

Some of these poverty inclined cultures are glued to the lives of refugees and they are not able to seperate them. They arrived with them to theuir destinations.

Many still have more children because there is money being paid to them as “Kinder Geld”

This so called kinder geld has caused a lot of problem among migrants. Men and women fighting because of who should claim the kinder geld.

It is shameful that some men claiming they want to fight poverty that is attcking them by claiming the kinder geld. This money is not for the men it is for the children. Kinder means children. It is not Man geld but kinder geld. why do many African men always beat up their women simply because the woman refused to hand over the kinder geld to them?

Some of these men who in their despiration to fighting poverty would go and trick their women to open joint accouzng.

The trick is just to allow the money to enter the account so they could have all the m,oney for themselves.

Some of these African men are so greedy. They would take all the money and run away back to Africa to go and spend the money on another woman.

What they tell the woman in Africa?

You see, i have been in Europe for a very long time. I have no woman because there are no African women in germany. Is this not a big lie?

There are a lot of African women in Germany. All these men want is just to decieve the young women because they think that the woman they have here is old. They want to go after young girls.

This is not a good way for fighting poverty, it is a great way of opening a new window of poverty.

Another thing is that most African men luike show off. They want to go back to Africa, they have to buy big cars, like four wheels. They want to go and opress young girls and show off their wealth. What is this?

This is not about fighting poverty. They would arrive and attend all parties in their town. Changing clothes three times a day just to let the young goirls know that they have money.

Some of these innocent young girls would fall crazy for them. the result is, either they impregnate them and dump them for the parents. Or of the girls are lucky they smuggle them into Europe. It is whn the girls arrive here they see the truth.

it is difficult to convince a young girl in Africa that the man who has promised to take her to Europe is a fake.

Simply because the young girl is also interested in fighting poverty, she thinks this man is a God sent.

Another thing that push African migrants into debt and poverty is the rush for things they don’t even need.

Many people have a lot of things inside their basement. Most of them, they never need them. Most of these things have never been used and would never be used.

they would say,they want to send them to Africa. But they would keep them until the people in Africa would no longer need them.

There are certain thing you would even say you want to give as gift to person in Africa but they would not even value it. Simply because they see them as old.

You just try and buy a mobile phone that iss not IPhone and say you want to give it as gift to your mother or your grandfather, they would not even say thank you. Everyone wants to use Iphone. But hardly they know that you yourself you are using old nokia phone.



House ownership costs among migrants

House ownership costs could prove to be a connecting point between most migrants.

Nearly all African migrants would dream of having a house call their own. House ownership costs in the home they left behind. House ownership costs in their new home. Both have significant roles to play in the ways migrants work and keep money.

House ownership costs is one of the factors that make many migrants to toil day and night. Many migrants send money home to their family and some parts of the money is meant to build houses for them.

House ownership costs is known to be another reason why many migrants embark on the trip to find money. Everybody wants to have a house called his own. To rent houses in most countrries in Africa is not easy at all. Even if you live in the rural village. You must strife hard to build your own house. House ownership costs in the village is different from house ownership costs in the city.

The struggle to get a place to lay head make a lot of people to work very hard. Many people who have experienced living as refugees would understand how difficult it is to live in the open.

Many refugees that have been displaced from their homes by war would never forget how bad war could be. many people who have houses in their home countries become homeless because of terrible wars.

The dreams of many refugee to get their own houses was faced with realities when they arrived their new homes in Europe. House ownership costs in Europe is different from the dream of the refugees.

Before one starts to dream of house ownership costs he must at least have regular job.

If you are a refugee and you have no working permit, how do you get job to do?

If you have no job to do how do you start to drem of house ownership costs?

The dream to make a lot of money either to build houses in the home refugee left behind or to buy house in their new homes is making many refugees lament. They lament that they do not have working permit. Those that have been given working permit refuse to work. many continue to manufactiure chuldren every month. Some simply refuse to work and settle for socvial money. How then could a person that lives on social money monthly drem of ouse ownership costs.

Many think that unless you earn minimum of 5000/month before you could start to dream about house of your own. This is not true. There are many advisory centers that could point out to you if you approach them for help on how to own your own houses.

House ownership is what prompt many migrants to seek for some estate agents in the country they left behind. many have opened savings accounts with many estate agents in Africa.

Some are lucky but others are not so lucky. they have landed into the hands of fake estate agents that stole their money.

However if you are thinking of being a proud owner of your own house where you live, then probably currect you need to find the best estate agent in the city where you live.

In oder to avoid llanding in the wrong hand, you need a little reasearch.



Easy mobility in Germany what i have learnt

Easy mobility in Germany makes all things easy for the poor people. The migrants who are earning low salaries. The refugees who are not working, all enjoy easy mobility in Germany. This is very important if there is to be economic development,there must be easy mobility. People must be able to move from city to city with ease.

If you are new in Germany and you want to move around in the city you would need the ticket for the trains and the buses. In most towns the same ticket you bought from the bus driver is enough to ride both buses and the trains. I mean the city buses. i am not talking about the buses that travel long distances like Ber,in linien Buse or Flix buses.

Do not try to mis understand easy mobility in Germany. You may need a seperate ticket in some other cities. But in majority of the cities you may enjoy easy ride on train and buses with your “Tages carte” targescarte means whole day ticket. However there are different kinds of targescarte in some cities. In Berlin they have tickets AB or C  and they have targescarte ABor C. You have to read the instruction on the board very well to understand how it works. or simply  check their internet site and get more information for yourself.

Mobility in germany is good but you need to understand it very well to enjoy it.

The name they call each transportation company varies from state to state. In Berlin it is called simply BVG

You have the option of buying your daily ticket or monthly ticket or simply short distances ticket also from the automatic machines. You could buy day ticket and short distances ticket from the bus driver but you can not get any ticket to buy from the train driver as you may not even see him. The person that controles the ticket, ticket controler could sell tickets for you in long distances train.

But if you think you could trick the controllers of short distance trains that go arround the city and pretend you want to buy ticket from him you must be ready to pay €40.00(check for update as i dont know if this fine has increased)

What i mean by the above: don’t forget to buy your train ticket. don’t rush to enter the train. Even if you plead that you are coming from the moon as a visitor it would not help you. You must pay that fine.

If you don’t have the money to pay the fine, then the controller would ask you, “passport bitte” What that means? Your passport please!

You are Aduro man who is just trying to hide in the town, you are unlucky! Don’t think he is working alone and try to do Boat. You still don’t understand boat? Don’t try to run. they are many. Some of them are just sitting down inside the same train like passangers. if they see that you want to play trick they get on their feets and guild you out of the train. You know what that means? Polizei. In Germany police are colled POLIZEI, but they are very polite.

I bet you you need not make any bad thin inside your trousers before the Police arrives. They are not going to beat you like the one in your country or those in God’s own country. They respect you and you should play it back and respect them too. They would speak to you well even if you want to speak latin, they have the time to listen to you. but you must produce your passport!

Tell them you are alergic to carrying passport around they would follwe you and give youe easy mobility to wherever you live just to go and see that your passport. Don’t trick them by saying you have one when you know you don’t even have anything to clean that thing you already done inside your trousers. tell them the truth and don’t waste their time.

You donÄt have. Simple. This is not a crime. They have cold metals but not the too hard one like the one in your village. It is soft but you can not even break it with all your 32, don’t try.


They would give you ride away from the “fahrkarte bitte people” and if the weather is cold you would be served with coffee or tea. After drinking the tea, prepare to get papers to go and apply for asyl. End of story.

Therefore buy your train ticket and enjoy your trip with easy mobility in Germany.

How ever if you want to travel from city to another city or to any part of Europe, you have options of ttain calle Deutsche Bahn

With Deutsche bahn you can travel from anywhere to anywhere with ease. Enjoy your easy mobility in Germany. It depends on how you plan your trips. You have the option of even traveling with promotional coupons. If you plan your trip far ahead you may pay far lee for your trip. either you go with Deutsche bahn or with Buses.

Every city in Germany has central train stations. They called them Hauptbahnhof.

If you are in Berlin, you could also travel with Buses to any part of Germany or parts of Europe as you like. You can go the ZOB in Berlin and find out about this easy mobility in Germany.

Any country without easy mobility may never enjoy economic progress because people would not be able to move comfortably. Easy mobility in Germany allows everybody to move around the country 24 hour a day. There are night trains that are available in the night. There are very cheap public transportation. Even if you want to buy a car for your personal use, you don’t need to carry all the money you have with large boxes to the car dealer.



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Help someone shout for help if you can

Shout for help if you need help so that someone could help you solve your problem. Shout for help when you feel that you have no more power to do it alone. If you are new in the city if you need to pack from one city to the other. If you need to do some repairs in your new home. If you need something and you don’t have it, you may consider to shout for help. Why must you not use the opportunity provided by migrans and citizens to shout for help and get someone to help you? Shout for help and get the stress out of your way.


Keeping quiet and thinking rapidly about your problem hoping that you would be able to solve that problem alone may lead you into getting high blood pressure. Share your problem and seek help.
There are many reasons why you need to shout for help. If you are new in a country as a refugee or migrant. There are many organisations in every countries that help someone to get accommodation. there are also many organisations that could help someone to get work and there are iother organisations that help someone to fight against deportation- Therefore it is better if you shout for help By shouting for help you may be lucky to get someone to help you.

Bet you would not be in the position to be able to know everywhere and everything that you need to know. Then you need to shout for help. What about if you are alone at home and there comes up a problem with your whower and you are not able to fix it but the time it happen you are not able to reach your housemaster because it is on sunday, now you need to shout for help. Your helper could be your neighbor or a friend not living far away from your house.

It is good to be helpful. Try and help someone solve a proble.
What about if you are learning to drive and your driving teacher is a loud monster that always shout at you because of little mistakes like ganging the gear late or not looking well enough over your soulder, you then need to shout for help to look for a person that could give you extra driving lesson so that the monster driving teacher would not suck you dry.

If you help someone today another person may help you tomorrow. Help someone to overcome a problem and you are making yourself happy.

You need also to shout for help if you are looking for work. Getting work if you are new in the city is not all that easy. You may look well into the newsüpapers but if you shout at the top of your voice there could be helper near you and you may be able to get work faster than you think.
what about idf you are looking for a friend. A good friend that could meand something better to you, you may need to shout for help. You may not know where to find the best friend but may be someone else knows this. If you shout for help you may be able to get the best friend that your eart desires.
You just need not to be queit if you need something you need to act sometimes like a mad felow but with respect, do not keep your mouth shot, this would only make you to ponder alone about your problem. shout for help and you may be glad you do. Help someone find his way in the city is also part of important help. If you are new in the city and you are going to find tax office you may have to rely on help from other person to locate the way.

You can also help someone to find the best immigration lawyer in town. since many refugees need good immigration lawyers to help them with their visa problem. Help someone to get good insurance company or to help someone to have the best crdit card is also very good.

If you notice that you are being faced with domestic violence or you are under some kind of pressure that you can not handle it is better to shout for help before it is too late.

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Send money online very fast

Send money online the fastest way and the cheapest way too. If you are a refugee or immigrant and you want to send money to your family of course you must first think about the cheapest  and the safest way of sending the money. But if you must send money online you need to produce some necessary documents to the agency that is in charge of the money transfer. This brings us to the question of if refugees without residence permit could send money online.

If yu are living in Europe or America it is important that you think about how to help your family back home by trying to send them money online very fast. These people at home are really suffering. It is hard to believe but if you stay with them for about six months you would see how the suffer to get food. For this reason you should not close your ees against your people but try and help them.

There are many money transfer companies on the internet this day where refugees and migrants could send money online.

To send money online to your relative could be very fast if you uase the best money transfer company. How do you decide if you are using the best money transfer company?

You do not need to spend a lot of your money to pay for the commission before you could send money online to your family.

Send money online should not be confused with sending items with travelers. If you send item to your family through a traveler who is traveling to your village you dont necessarily have to send him with money unless you really trust that fellow.

The best and the fastest way of sending money to your parents is to send money online.

To send money online you need to search for the best money transfer company. There are very many of them on the internet that could help you to send money online.

Even it is also possible to send money online using your mobile phone. there are many money transfer companies that use this method.

There are many money transfer centers as well all over the places where you could send money to your family but the easiest way to send money still remain to send money online because ypu need not go to any money transfer center.

You sit at home and send money online using your computer.

Of course you still need your passport details to be able to send money online. There are many money transfer companies that allow you to send money to any country around the world and they allow wéveryone from any country all over the world to send money online. But there are some money transfer companies that do not allow some people froma particular country to use their facility to send money online. This could be due to some reasons best known to them. But

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Corruption kills Nigeria

Corruption kills Nigeria and this has put Nigeria at a difficult cross road. Nigerians young women and men are doing all sorts of dirty jobs all over the world while their leaders are feeding fat!

I had a dream about Nigeria and saw  what would happen to Nigeria after the 2015 election if Nigerians vote wrongly again. There are many people in Nigeria that are just not feeling comfortable about the emergence of any change that may follow the election. Some of them are already looking for different countries to flee to. But those criminals should know exactly which refugee camp they would go.

Corruption kills Nigeria but many people still pretend as if Nigeria is alive. Nigeria is suffering greatly and Nigerian itself pretends as if all is well.

There are many Nigerians sleeping on the streets all over Europe because the leaders of Nigeria do not care what happens to the poor people. The bag of rice, most common food eaten by poor people in Nigeria has skyrocketted to 10000 naira which is equivalent to €50.00

The Nigeria government do not care because all of them in poer have enough money to buy mor of the rice if it is even expensive than that but what about the poor people?

I had a dream about Nigeria just as i saw Nigeria president running from one pastor to the other, running from middle east to Jerusalem and running from one priest to the other asking them to lay their hands on his head and pray for him so that the minds of Nigeria could shift to him and vote for him.

Corruption kills Nigeria and the wife of the Nigerian president that suppose to behave normal has gone violent on the opponet of her husband calling him “brain dead.”

What kind of moral are these Nigerian preaching? What the poor people need is food, shelter and security but who is providing them with those? None. The poor people would have to leave the country and eneter another country without proper traveling document only to become illegal refugees while the criminals are feeding fat.

I think the only brain dead individuals are the people that continue to support those that opperessed them, those that add to their trouble and those that refuse to treth them as human.

Why is this man who claims he gives no damn about declaration of asset  start running from city to city to give bribe to people only to fool them to vote for him. But there are still honourable people in Nigeria. One of the Nigeria king who is not a criminal and coward like other and who has no skeleton inside his box told this man to go and talk to the people because he has no power to force people to vote for him. His face became very long to hear this from the king. Other kongs think they have the power to force their people to fote for  a particular candidate, well they could force those of their subjects who are only brain damaged  and know no difference from left and right.

Do people needed to be bribed before they could cast their votes for a president if he really has done something good to change the lives of the citizens.

It is certain that some people know the fact and they are making effort to run away from Nigeria before the change arrives.

But how long could the collation of the Nigeria opposition stay intact?

We all know that the head of the opposition has history of fighting indiscipline but are the people around him sharing the same thing?

What about if his vice president start to preach forgiveness and amnesty for corruption?

Nigeria is in a big mess. Some people claim that the whole of the country is currently their slaves. Some say that unless they are in control they could split the country into several states.

There are many Nigerians all over the streets of Europe and there is no end in sight as to when all would be well for Nigeria.

I am not a politician but have the right to know what people do with my vote whenever i cast my vote. Would it be stolen or be accounted for?

Do i vote for the right person? How do i know that the person i vote for is the correct person.

We have also read in the newspaper and on the internet how some powerful criminals in Nigeria were successful in the manipulation of governorship election in one of the western states of Nigeria. The military man who was involved in the rigging of the election confessed and the case is still being openly spoken about in Nigeria till now but no one has shown any remorse and no one has been punished which means like other corruptions election manipulation is constitutionally right in Nigeria?

Nigeria still need to learn how to conduct free and fair election so that Nigerian young people could stay at home and contribute to the development of Nigeria.





Dating Ghanaians is dangerious

Dating Ghanaians is dangerious for you if you are an online dater. I am not the one saying this but  if you want to find out you may continue reading.

Dating Ghanaians and sending money to them when you have not even met before is dangerious too.

Some of Ghanain girls are very dangerious on the internet.

It is true that some of them would do everything to make sure that the man they met on the net fall into their traps. They are very quick to tell the man they love him even if they have just met for the first time on the net bearly knowing each other.

All that said, what about dating Nigerian yahoo yahoo boys?

These young boys are valled yahoo, yahoo boy because they are known to be engaged in duping people online using all different of e mail addresses. But now it is not easy for them to get multiple e mail addresses like before because now it could be necessary to provide your telephone numbers if you want to register new email address.

But still these jobless individuals are very crafty. they would say all sorts of things to make sure that the unsuspected woman falls into their decorated graps.

Many women have fallen victims to these boys from Nigeria. Women who are looking for nice men to date and marry ususally visit some of the best dating sites on the internet to find good prtners. this is the fastest way of getting reliable men and women to marry this time. Some women and men specifically chose to look for rich people to date. this is not bad at all. Who wants to remain poor but it is sick to lie all your life because you want to get someone to dupe.

Dating Ghannians could be dangerious and dating nigerians could be more dangerious on the internet therefore you should be very careful whenevr you come accross a man or a woman that start to tell you taht his mother has just been admitted into the hspital and he needs money to pay for the operation. It could turn out to be fake. If you come accross a lady that lives in a remote village of Ghana and start to tell you to send her money to collect passport so she chould travel and meet you in Europe or Canada you should beware.

You just have a look at the face of this Nigerian yahoo yhaoo and see if you know him

It is not only the refugees inside the junge that always fall into the hands of scammers becasue they are desprately looking for woman to assit them get out of the refugee camps. Most people who are seriously looking for good relationship always fall into the hands of scammers.

Therefore it is important that you ready carefully how to avoid dating Ghanaians scammers on the internet.

But because many people are in a hurry to get their partners and they do not want to spend money this  could be one of the reasons why many people fall into the hands of the scammers. There are many dating sites out there that have enough security in place to protect users against scammers but you should be ready to pay for the good services that you enjoy there.

Many people always look for free free things. Free things may be there but you must be very careful not to swallow fish bones with your free chop.

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Send anything anywhere also to your wife

Send anything anywhere in the world if you like. As a refugee or immigrant you probably might have experienced the urge to find someone to send to your family or friends living in another country.

It could also be that you want to send anything to your wife or to your children.  Send anything anywhere if you are lucky you may get someone to help you bring those items to your loved ones even without collecting a cent from you.

If you are thinking of sending anything anywhere and you do not have money the best you could do is to try and locate a traveler that is traveling to the destination where you want to send anything to. If you get the person you could arrange and meet and you hand over your item to him.

But i have to tell you something, be careful if you must send some hot eyes guys to your wife. Some of the burgers that have just gotten their residence permit or have just graduated and become the citizens of the county they now live are very wild.

If you are not careful and you send the wrong bone to your wife you may be playing with fire. One of those guys just went to the a country in west Africa. I don’t want to mention the name of that country here but they eat a lot of fufu in that country.

His friend bought a mobile phone and gave it to him to help him give it to his fiancee at home. This guy collected the phone and went home to tell a different story to the fiancee of the poor guy who was languishing in one of the refugee camps.

He was attracted to the woman by her beauty. He told the woman that his friend is now living with another woman and even if she called him to ask him he would deny it. He told the girl that he had advised his friend not to follow another woman but the friend refused to listen because he was seriously looking for residence permit.

He spent a lot of money for the woman and was able to fool her. Because he has gotten the papers and now a burger, he showed his new pass to the woman and promised to marry her and take her along with him to Germany. The family of this woman also supported her and allowed this burger to fool her. She got  pregnant before he departed Africa. He was able to bring her into the country and she gave birth to a baby girl. It was after she gave birth before the original refugee saw her and the cat was then let out of the basket.

To send anything anywhere you have to look for a reliable person to send. If you do not get a reliable person it is better you wait and get your money and make use of the normal post office where you could also send anything anywhere.

Therefore as a refugee if you must send anything anywhere think very well who you are about to send to your wife.